About the Artist

A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, John is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in French Literature at NYU.

"I am interested in the possibilities of the human form; the potential of the figure in expressing the unutterable, shades of gray, mixed with shadow, the things that are intangibly there, yet entirely more solid than the world that surrounds us: Dreamscapes and fantasies that shape our own individual worlds."

Originaire de Salt Lake City, Utah, John poursuit ses études de la littérature française en cycle supérieure à New York University. 

"Je m'intéresse aux possibilités de la forme humaine, le potentiel de la figure en expriment l'indicible, les teintes grises, mélangées d'ombre, les choses qu'y sont intouchable, puis plus solide que le monde qui nous entour: les rêveries et fantasmes de nos mondes personnels."